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Christmas has ended… but it's always time of gifts for your kids!
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Even if kids’ favourite time of the year - Christmas - has just ended, the pressure is always on for parents to nab the hottest toys on their child's wish list. And, thanks to Bestway, it’s always time of gifts!

Here are some gift ideas for your kids:

Encouraging your baby to walk is a good idea. Baby strides roller can help your toddler to start walking fast. Designed with a sturdy pre-tested vinyl, it promotes childhood development, imaginative play and recognition. The safety valves ensure your child’s safety while he fiddles with the roller.  

Kids naturally love castles, but they also like to jump and bounce. With Fisher-Price Bouncetastic Bouncer, you can give your child lots of bounce and fun. Even at a very young age, your child together with his little friends will play and jump within this great inflatable castle bouncer and they will have incredible fun by going in and out the castle through its enter and exit window located on front. And you don’t have to worry about accidents, because its removable side walls have sturdy mesh fabric for added protection. The Bouncer is a real child’s delight!

Make your child a proud car owner by buying a Race Car Ball Pit. With a back-rest comfort, steering wheel with built-in horn and no less 25 colourful balls, your child is in for some serious fun time. Coming in different shades of sleek designs, it is a piece of gift that your child will be proud to show off to his friends.

You can tell your kids to invite their friends over to the house to have some good fun time in the Malibu playhouse, playing hide and seek or whatever game they have up their sleeves. A sturdy pre-tested vinyl with two windows and an inflatable floor that provides extra comfort and space: it will be a period of non-stop playful fun for the kids!